Headshots versus Personal Branding

Personal branding photography and headshots have become something which often get rolled in together but I think it is important to define the difference between them.

Headshots are literally that, a shot of your head (and usually your shoulders!). They are somewhat formal, and if I’m entirely honest often pretty generic. They are used for things like business cards, LinkedIn profiles and maybe on materials like conference programs or magazine editorials where you are the contributor.

Headshot of a woman with short grey hair wearing a black cardigan.

Personal branding goes beyond this and is more about telling your story. Personal branding photos may incorporate props or a specific location and will often show you ‘in action’ doing what you do. Professional personal branding photography is certainly growing in popularity with the rise of websites and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and sits well with those who photograph in the lifestyle genre.

Which do you need?

If you work for a company or organisation which already has an established website and social media presence you may just need a simple headshot. Likewise, if your appearance has dramatically changed due to weight gain or loss, a change of hairstyle or maybe growing (or shaving off!) facial hair you might just need a new headshot or two to mix into your existing library of images and to freshen things up.

If your current images are totally outdated or you are a start-up a personal branding session is a good option to build a catalogue of images to use throughout your website and social media in the months ahead.

Does a branding session include headshots?

Yes. My branding sessions all include time to capture some more traditional head and shoulder shots as we all need at least one high quality version of these.

Headshot of young female with glasses in white crochet top with her blonde hair pulled back in a bun.

What if I want to upgrade afterwards?

All my packages offer the option to purchase additional individual images after you have viewed your gallery. This is perfect if you just can’t narrow your favourites down to the number you initially purchased.

Your gallery also remains online for 12 months after your session so you can come back and select and purchase additional images should you need something more or for a specific purpose during this period.

If your business focus pivots, your grow faster than you expected or you just want more images I offer a 20% discount to those booking again within 12 months of their previous branding or headshot session.

What if I am super awkward or hate having my photo taken?

I feel you because I too am one of those people (there is a reason I’m behind the camera!). I do at least one phone consultation with all clients prior to their session so we get to know each other a little and you aren’t coming into it with me being a total stranger. On the day of your session I will give you some tips and coaching before I pick up the camera. I pride myself on being able to put people at ease pretty quickly and I always allow time to do some warm up shots to gently ease you into it.

I hate my teeth/wrinkles/belly/ears/double chin/etc…

During the planning stage there is the chance for you to share any particular insecurities you may have with me. This way we can chat about ways to address them. This might be smart clothing choices. It could be using props to obscure body parts. It will definitely be me posing you in a way that makes the most of your best features. It might involve retouching or post processing. By being totally honest we can come up with a plan to make sure you love your final images.


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