Summer Family Photos in Melbourne

Summer extended family photos in Melbourne's Dandenongs.


It is only mid-Spring but bookings for Summer family photos are rolling in. If you’d like a session I don’t want you to leave it too late and to miss out and be disappointed. If you are interested in coming exploring in the Dandenongs with me in the six month then do read on.

Newborn baby summer photoshoot in the Dandenongs east of Melbourne.


1. The flowers

Summer in the hills means fields of daisies at Olinda and beautiful hydrangeas at the many local gardens which I’m licensed to photograph including Pirianda Gardens, Alfred Nicholas Gardens and George Tindale Gardens. For those that prefer the forests butterflies are plentiful at Kallista and Upwey. As an added bonus as summer wears on the tree ferns lose the neon green colour that their new foliage has in Spring.

2. The Dandenongs cooler temperatures

Many who live in the suburbs may be surprised to hear that it can be up to 5 degrees cooler up in the Dandenongs compared to the flat regions of Melbourne. I used to leave work at Wantirna South and watch the temperatures drop as I drove home to the hills. On hot, stuffy summer days it is no wonder the hills are a popular spot to visit. They provide a great alternative to the beach for those who are sun sensitive, prone to burning or dislike sand. There are creeks and streams to paddle in and cool fern glades to explore.

3. Extended families are getting together

As a photographer known for my multi-household sessions I am kept busy over the Summer because this is often when extended families manage to get together. I love photographing these sessions but the logistics of getting three, four or more families together isn’t easy. So even though I offer a second timeslot in case of bad weather Summer is the ideal time to aim for these big shoots so that we are less likely to have to go with the secondary date.

4. As a Christmas present

Whether it is a gift for your spouse, the grandparents or you are all going in on an extended family sessions as a present to one another a photoshoot can make a great Christmas present. It is environmentally sound and photos are one thing that becomes more valuable as the years pass by. It is also super easy to organise and is a good way to avoid the hassle of shopping centres and gift wrapping.

5. You are on holidays and have time

With so many of us taking time off work and kids being on the long school break December and January can actually be the perfect time to schedule family photos. Once we hit February life starts getting busier again with sport, after school activities, birthday parties then before we know it, it is Easter.


1. Avoid the heat of the day

You want to do your session early in the morning or at dusk so you aren’t out in the hottest temperatures. Luckily this also happens to be when the light is most bright with all that summer glare. If you have little ones who are early risers this works out perfectly.

2. Choose your clothing carefully

If you are like me and sweat A LOT consider this when deciding what to wear. Pastel and light colours show sweat marks more easily than darker colours. Alternatively, wear something with a fine pattern that disguises damp spots. Finally, you can always wear something else and change into your photo clothes at the last minute.

3. Humidity and sweat proof hair and makeup

Luckily Melbourne is less humid that more northern spots but on those days when it does happen it can play havoc with wavy or curly hair. If you know humidity turns your hair to frizz be sure to use appropriate products, plan to wear it up or bring a hat to accessorise your outfit. The same goes for makeup. Go for matt and waterproof options or just go with less or none at all.

4. Hydrate prior to your session

Ensure that you drink lots in the leadup to our photoshoot if the weather has been particularly hot. Not only will this help you feel good but it can make your skin glow.

5. Be sun smart

We all know that we should slip, slop, slap. Not only is it the responsible thing to do but it is extra important in the leadup to a summer photoshoot. Summer means you will be showing more skin in your images and you don’t want that skin to red and burnt or peeling.

  • Outdoor summer newborn baby photoshoot in Melbourne's Dandenongs
  • Outdoor summer newborn baby photoshoot in Melbourne's Dandenongs
  • Outdoor summer newborn baby photoshoot in Melbourne's Dandenongs

6. Bring cool drinks and snacks

For most sessions each individual will get some downtime whilst I am photographing others or different combinations. It is therefore a good idea to bring cool drinks and snacks to help refresh yourself during these pauses.

7. Sunscreen and bug spray

I have both in my camera bag and you are welcome to use them though best practice is to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before being outdoors. Therefore I recommend applying it before dressing in your photo clothes so that your skin is best protected and you don’t get residue onto your clothing as it dries.

8. Stay on for the sunset

If you are doing a golden hour dusk session considering planning to stay around afterwards to watch the sunset and enjoy blue hour. Bring a rug, your favourite beverage and maybe a cheese platter and enjoy your surrounds as dark sets in.

  • Summer extended family photoshoot at Upwey by Kate Cashin Photography
  • Summer extended family photoshoot at Upwey by Kate Cashin Photography
  • Summer extended family photoshoot at Upwey by Kate Cashin Photography
  • Summer extended family photoshoot at Upwey by Kate Cashin Photography


Honestly? Right now. If you are after a weekend session, and especially one held in the morning in January or February, the time is absolutely now as the many of these slots have already been snapped up.

  • Summer forest baby photos in the Dandenongs east of Melbourne
  • Summer forest baby photos in the Dandenongs east of Melbourne


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