Outdoor Newborn Baby Photos

Parents walking at dusk with newborn baby



When Melbourne families think about newborn photos most either think of in-home lifestyle shoots or in-studio posed baby shoots. There is however a third option and it’s one that makes my nature-loving heart sing and that is the outdoor on-location lifestyle shoot.

The reasons to go this, perhaps less common, route of taking outdoor newborn baby photos are many and varied. Maybe you live in a rental that you just aren’t that emotionally attached to. Maybe you feel your home is too small, dark or pokey to have a photoshoot there. Perhaps you are currently living with relatives and don’t have a place of your own. Beyond logistical considerations maybe after spending the early newborn days hunkered down at home you are just hankering for a real change of scenery and an outing. Perhaps if you already have older children you think they will enjoy an outdoor shoot more (and chances are you’d be right). Or maybe you want to include extended family but don’t want them all invading you at home. Whatever the reason there is something just a little bit magical about outdoor newborn baby photo sessions.

Several months ago Anche contacted me to arrange outdoor newborn baby photos for her bub once he was born. I was thrilled that her and her husband wanted to have his photos taken outside. Young babies and children are often engrossed with the movement of trees and the play of light and shadow amongst their branches. This was certainly the case for little Hugo who I photographed at 9 weeks of age. You could almost feel his senses coming alive with the sounds and smells he was experiencing for one of the first times in his short life and it was an honor to be there to capture it. Upon arrival he had a feed and was changed into his sweet little outfit and then he happily lay in the moses basket I provide under a gum tree while I took individual photos of him, including close ups on his perfect newborn features. It was then time for photos in the arms of mum and dad and with his grandparents. Snuggled and calm he was then ready to take a rest in the little blanket nest I built for him in the middle of the path. We took more photos with his family in the background before mum and dad moved up for more gently posed shots. He was so content that I was able to climb my stepladder and take overhead shots of him lying there gazing up and interacting with his parents. Then as dusk rolled in we moved back down the hill and did some walking shots before returning to our start point to watch the sunset. I hope this is the first of many adventures in the great outdoors for this Melbourne family of three.

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