Personal Branding for a Holistic Healing Therapist

Lady in white singlet sitting on park bench at Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Personal Branding for a Holistic Healing Therapist

In the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flora, lies the haven of Alfred Nicholas Gardens. Annita from Majellic Healing – a business dedicated to holistic wellness and self-transformation – chose this as her location when I photographed branding photos for her in January 2024.

Alfred Nicholas Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for visual storytelling for this session. The serene ambiance, meandering paths, and enchanting lake offered a harmonious setting that aligned seamlessly with Annita’s commitment to promoting balance and well-being.

The calming energy of the gardens enhances the holistic experience, creating a visual narrative that invites customers to connect with the healing offered by Annita who blends hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, somatic therapy, NLP and intuitive understanding.

The various nooks and corners of the gardens become canvases for storytelling, each frame encapsulating the essence of Majellic Healing. From secluded benches by the lake to moss-covered stone pathways, each location within Alfred Nicholas Gardens provided a unique setting for the brand’s identity to unfold.

Through my camera and lenses, Alfred Nicholas Gardens transformed into more than just a location; it becomes a partner in Majellic Healing’s brand narrative. The resulting photos evoke a sense of serenity and balance that mirrors the core values of Majellic Healing.

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