The time before the birth of a baby is truly precious. As your body grows and expands it can be a time to celebrate your femininity and fiecerness with a solo photoshoot. Alternatively as you await the journey of parenthood it is the ideal time to mark the period with a photoshoot with your partner.

If this is a subsequent baby the days with your current baby or babies are numbered. A photo session could be the ideal way to mark their journey to being a big brother or sister and there is nothing like the sweet moments between a sibling-to-be and your baby bump.

I recommend booking in your second trimester with photos best taken between 32 and 36 weeks.

CAPTURING THE expectant you.



"Kate made it very easy for a camera shy family to feel comfortable."





Getting started is as easy as submitting an enquiry via my contact form. Upon receipt I'll send you a text so you know I got it and you will know it is me and not a telemarketer when I call. At a time you've nominated I'll ring to introduce myself and answer any questions you may have. If you are ready to book we can discuss specifics or you are welcome to take your time to think things over after our call.

ENQUIRY + initial phone consultation

Once you have made the decision to book we will get you on my calendar. I will then email you your booking documents which include a contract to be reviewed and digitally signed and your invoice and payment schedule. I will also send you a session questionnaire so you have the chance to provide me all the info I need to plan your session.


In the leadup to your session you can contact me at anytime if a question comes to mind. I have written a number of resources and documents which I can provide to you including location and clothing guides, advice on preparing children for sessions and information on local attractions or things to do before or after your session.


A week prior to your session I will make contact to discuss your location choice, give you directions and confirm our precise start time. Then comes the main event, your session. I will take you exploring through the forests or gardens, stopping to take a range of both candid and gently posed images as we go. I will be one part tour guide, one part friend and one part photographer.


Within a few days of your session I will provide a sneak peek image to reassure you that we got great photos. Within 14 days you will receive your password protected, online proofing gallery. From there you can select your included digital files for retouching and purchase any additional files, prints or wall art pieces you may want. I am available throughout this process to advise you and provide technical support as needed.



Your 10 favourite digital images fully edited and retouched.

Perfect for couples, small families or occasions like engagements or milestone anniversaries.


Short and Sweet

Your 20 favourite digital images fully edited and retouched.

This is the recommended option if
newborns or young children are to be included.


A Little More

The full gallery of 50+ edited and retouched digital images.

Perfect for extended families or when you want every little detail of your story.


All In



"It was really easy to work with Kate, she is so friendly and she wanted us to be ourselves rather than someone different. We received beautiful photos and had to upgrade our package to next as we wanted to have more photos because they all were so pretty, high quality and very natural and was very difficult to choose the favourites. We highly recommend Kate Cashin Photography for your photo shoot.!"

"Wow. What can I say, Kate is an INCREDIBLE photographer. Her attention to detail is amazing. I must admit I was nervous to get the photos done, however Kate quickly calmed me down and made the experience really enjoyable. Many people are commenting on social media about how beautiful the photos are. I highly recommend Kate's photography."

"Kate was the photographer I used to set up my new small business. She captured exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful natural photos depicting the essence of my business ethic . Kate is easy to work with , passionate and committed to providing excellent customer service . She has worked hard to research perfect locations around the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, to ensure perfect conditions to get that amazing shot . Her package prices are excellent value and affordable. Highly recommend her services.'

"I had an amazing experience working with Kate on shots for my business. She made it exceptionally easy to relax in front of the camera. I highly recommend her services to everyone in my network who's looking for a family or personal photographer."


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